Selby Sports stars!

Our Years, 3,4,5 and 6 were invited to take part in a multi-skills sports session, led by Selby College students who are working towards their Community Sports Leaders Awards. The children all got stuck in, represented school brilliantly and had a great time! The following are some quotes from the children after their session: ‘I don’t usually enjoy sport, but that was amazing!’, ‘Fun and well-organised’ and ‘I think it was lovely how they were helping people to learn’. Thank you to Mrs Hall, Ms Kiely and Mrs Potts for accompanying the children on Tuesday morning.

Pupil comment:
Sports in Selby College

'Our sports morning at Selby College was amazing, we did a lot of fun games and activities. We played games with a parachute and we had to go and get items from a box under the parachute. We also played a game where the ball was on the parachute and we had to make the ball fall off the opposite side'.