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School Uniform

The governing body has a statutory duty placed upon it to ensure that school policies promote good behaviour and discipline amongst the pupil body. We believe that a smart school uniform worn by all children will promote a sense of purpose and discipline which is the foundation for both personal and academic development. Moreover, it contributes to a sense of community and belonging, central to our ethos, as all our children identify with each other and the school.

The wearing of a uniform will create a sense of identity and pride in the school. The children will learn to take pride in their personal appearance. By insisting on correct uniform, the parents will be assured that their children are wearing clothes that are appropriate and safe for school life. We expect all parents/carers to be in support of our policy. All items, including PE kit, must be clearly named so that lost property can be quickly returned.

Our School uniform consists of a navy embroidered cardigan or jumper and grey or black school trousers, skirt or shorts.

Our Uniform Policy at the bottom of the page gives more detailed information about the day to day wear and PE kit. 

My Clothing website offers our embroidered uniform for sale and Classroom Clothing in Selby offers non-branded items.