Pyramid building

This half term, we have revisited our learning around Ancient Egypt to gain a deeper understanding on the lives of the Egyptians.

For Summer half-term 1, we are looking through a range of historical lenses to uncover how people who were enslaved in these times relate to modern day and how slavery evolved through history.

Something the children were fascinated by were the pyramids and how they were built. Last Friday, to gain empathy and understanding, children were tasked in teams,  to build a pyramid and undergo a series of obstacles with no guidance or instruction. They had the horrible Pharaoh McNichol that would often come to sabotage their work because.... well she simply was not a fan.

Both teams competed against each other to be the best pyramid builders in all of Burton Salmon. By the end of the session, children understood that the life of enslaved people in Egypt must have been very hard and they were not valued as people in their community.