For three days, Class 3 recently put all their efforts into working on a recycling project with a particular focus on ocean plastic pollution. They studied in great detail this context, the hard-hitting facts of how our behaviour, as a society, is destroying our seas, oceans and aquatic life and how we can take responsibility to make a change for the better. 

Drawing inspiration from the incredible recycled material sculptures of Michelle Reader, Class 3 used a variety of plastics and recycling to construct an array of underwater animal sculptures.

These sculptures weren't just made to look pretty however, each pupil thoughtfully composed their structures in a way that made a statement, with a thought-provoking title and accompanying statement. This was to develop an understanding of contextual art, by using this art form as a tool to communicate an important message and raise awareness about an increasingly pressing global issue. 

Class 3 have named this project 'Devastocean', encouraging the viewer of their exhibition to think about the devastation we are causing to our ocean. For National Recycling Day, the class will use the remaining recycled materials to create one large collaborative sea creature that will frame this deeply moving display.