Blue Cross visit

Blue Cross Assembly - Blue Cross | 125 years of changing pets' lives 

Last Friday, Lois from the Blue Cross Education Department, visited Burton Salmon to deliver an animal welfare assembly to all the children and to give some talks to the children in Classes 2 and 3. Mrs Hall visited too, along with Twig, our federation school therapy dog. The children learnt about the five basic needs that all pets require:

  1. Environment: the need to live in a safe, comfortable home
  2. Behaviour: the need to play, exercise and behave normally for that pet
  3. Diet: the need for the right food and fresh drinking water
  4. Company: the need to be able to live with or apart from other animals
  5. Health: the need to be protected from pain, suffering and illness

Blue Cross is a registered animal welfare charity in the United Kingdom, founded in 1897. This charity provides veterinary care, offers expert behavioural help, and finds homes for pets in need and this year they are celebrating their 125th anniversary!