Robinwood Residential 2022

The residential is finally here! 

Wednesday update: We have just heard from Mrs Thornton to say they are almost there, ready for the walk up to the centre!

Thursday update: The children smashed their activities yesterday and they all slept well.  They have already had breakfast and are on their way to today's activities.

Friday update: The children have had a fantastic day yesterday. They completed challenges in canoeing, caving and the dreaded Piranha Pool, the zip line was a great success too.  They have slept well and are eating the food!

What an experience Robinwood was, for adults and children alike! It was a fantastic chance to get back to a bit of normality and enjoy the first residential visit since the COVID outbreak.

The children, although excited, were apprehensive due to the impact of lockdowns and restrictions put in place which has limited their experience of risk-taking opportunities. However, many of the children overcame personal fears and everyone left feeling like they had accomplished something.

The staff at Robinwood were fantastic and gave all the children enough support to make the activities challenging yet accessible and enjoyable. The children came together across the federation to make new friends and memories that will last a lifetime.

Well done to all the children that attended, we are truly proud of you all.

"I really enjoyed the giant swing. It was a bit scary at first - but it was fun! I had to face my fears to do it the first time", said Hadley from Burton Salmon School Erin at Barlow School said, "Robinwood was an amazing experience for friends and to overcome your fears. The food is spectacular and can make your tummy rumble for any English breakfast. There are different activities with our favourites being the giant swing, piranha pool, canoes and trapeze." Harry from Chapel Haddlesey School said, "I liked caving and the giant swing best and I made lots of new friends".