Cross Country

On Monday this week, our Class 3 children travelled to Chapel Haddlesey School to take part in a Federation Cross-Country. They were accompanied by Miss Bowers and Mr Bealey on their first 'class trip out' of the academic year.

A big thank you to Mrs Hall who had set up a great course for the event and as you can see from the photos, our children had a fantastic time! Let's hope we can plan more events like this, now that restrictions are easing and meet up as a federation more often.

Mrs Hall's report:

Thank you to everyone who attended the first Federation sporting event. The weather was good, the course was dry and pupils a little nervous, not to mention the staff! The event was the 1500m x-country challenge. It was open to Years 5 and 6 pupils and they competed in their respective year groups . We held four races Year 5 boys, Year 5 girls, Year 6 girls and Year 6 boys. Everyone ran to the best of their ability with some nice surprises along the way. Everyone completed the distance, some with smiles, some out of breath but all enjoying the occasion. The atmosphere towards the end was electric with everyone cheering everyone on. A successful afternoon!

The results have been calculated so here we go

Federation school position

1st Chapel Haddlesey

2nd Burton Salmon and Barlow

(The top 3 scores from each group added together. Please remember some year groups from certain schools didn’t have runners. Also, it has been calculated as current teaching Class 3).

Year Groups (top 3 positions)

Yr 5  girls

1st Barlow

2nd Burton Salmon

3rd Chapel Haddlesey

Yr 5 boys

1st Chapel Haddlesey

2nd Burton Salmon

3rd Barlow

Yr 6 girls

1st Chapel Haddlesey

2nd Burton Salmon

3rd Barlow

Yr 6 boys

1st Barlow

2nd Haddlesey

3rd /

House winners

All participants received a point and then 1st place received 3 extra points, 2nd 2 extra points and 3rd 1 extra point.


Chapel Haddlesey

Burton Salmon

1st Green 20 points

1st Blue 6 points

1st Red Delicious 6 points

2nd Blue 8 points

2nd Red + Yellow 5 points

2nd Golden Delicious + Honeycrisp 4 points   

3rd Yellow + Red 5 points

3rd Green 4 points