Dear all,

The music service is keen to support schools as much as possible at this difficult time. I will attach some info below about online options for children in school and at home.

We can also offer online lessons through Skype via an NYCC laptop. We were sent the school closure lists yesterday and I noticed that you are caring for several children in school. As you have all the ukuleles, we could possibly do some remote ukulele sessions with whovever you have in school. Please let me know if you would like to try this.

The website detailed below could be used for children who are in school. Some activities will need to be avoided because of social distancing, but many others would be suitable or could be easily adapted.

All North Yorkshire schools also have free access to a huge range of musical games and activities for ages 4 to 11 which would be suitable for the children currently at school. Active music pick n mix is paid for you by the North Yorkshire Music Hub.

1. Go to  and click on ‘sign up’ in the menu bar

2. Select the £149.50 package

3. Click the link saying ‘click here to enter your discount code’

4. Enter discount code ‘north-yorkshire’

5. Fill in account details

6. Click Paypal Check Out

Once the account is set up and you are logged in, click on ’members’, select the category you want and play the DvD. The playlist menu is in the bottom right hand corner of each DvD.

Please forward this information to whichever staff will find it helpful.

I hope that there is something useful here. I will also forward a free ipad songwriting resource for all KS2 children.

BBC Ten Pieces website has lots of opportunities for listening to and learning about well known pieces of music.

Please let me know how we can best offer you music support in these unusual circumstances!

Best wishes,

Helen Moulds