STEM challenge

Dear all, 

Drax Ltd have partnered with our Facebook page 'Indoor Ted' furthering the partnership they have with Outdoor Ted. 

They will hopefully be posting a weekly STEM challenge on our Facebook page I will always pin the challenge to the top so it is easy to find.

This weeks challenge: 1st April - 7th April 

Longest Paper Chain in 15 mins 

What we used:

1 sheet of A4 paper per person (this could be scrap A4 paper from letters etc), 15-minute kitchen timer, coloured pens to make each person’s sheet of paper a different colour, glue sticks, scissors, tape measure.

What we did:

Everyone had 15 minutes to make as long a paper chain as they could before the timer ran out.

For more details and differentiation please click here 

If you would like to share your results please post them on the above Indoor Ted page on the comments section of the challenge. 

Many thanks to the team at Drax and good luck to the schools and parents who participate.