Burton Salmon CP School
Ledgate Lane
Burton Salmon
LS25 5JY
01977 672405

Dear Parents & Carers,
The issue of parking has been ongoing since I started as Headteacher in September and I would like to thank parents for acknowledging the recent letter from the Parish Council, as there has been a noted improvement outside of school.
However, there is still significant congestion on the main road through Burton Salmon during the school day and to ease this, we have adapted the school playground to make a car park for staff and other visitors to the school. This is a cost effective solution, allowing us to monitor the impact and consider if it should become permanent or whether another option would be more suitable.
By removing staff cars from the roadside, it should allow easier parking for parents and keep the immediate area outside school less congested. In addition, the fence acts as a physical barrier between our children and cars, ensuring that they are safe when staff and other visitors need to access and exit the school site during the day.
Due to the position of the car park, the drop off and collection will operate from the other side of the school building. As from tomorrow, children in Class 1 will access the classroom by going through the gate on the left-hand side of the building, next to the lunch hall. Class 2 children will access the building using the entrance door on the left of the building, which has the word ‘Boys’ above it. You will be able to access the main front door as usual to pick up and drop off outside of the normal school hours.
Yours sincerely,
Suzanne MacDonald
Executive Headteacher