Music within School

Music is celebrated across the school through whole school topics and performances. Alongside discrete lessons, pupils take part in singing and listening to music each day through assemblies. This ensures that they cover the key aspects of singing such as using their voices creatively with accuracy, fluency, control and expression and also recalling sounds from aural memory. They listen and respond to a wide range of music from different traditions and from great composers and musicians, helping to improve their understanding of the different genres within music.

Extra Opportunities

We believe that music enriches the lives of people, and so we wish to involve as many children as possible in musical activities and performances. These might include whole school productions at Christmas or other times, Harvest Services and Christmas Carol Services. Every year, the KS2 children have the opportunity to take part in Young Voices, a singing event with 5000 other children at Sheffield Arena.

There are opportunities for the children to study a musical instrument with peripatetic teachers. Peripatetic music teaching is organised by the Local Education Authority’s Music Service and we currently run a group of guitar lessons each week.

Planning and Coverage

Pupils in each Key Stage cover the aims and subject content as set out in the National Curriculum. We plan using the Key Skills document for music, focusing on the five Key Skills of:

Explore:  Explore, investigate and experiment from a range of stimuli and starting points, roles, techniques, approaches, materials and media.

Create:  Create, design, devise, compose and choreograph individual and collective work.

Improvise: Improvise, rehearse and refine in order to improve their capability and the quality of their work.

Present: Present, display and perform for a range of audiences, to develop and communicate their ideas and evoke responses.

Evaluate: Use arts-specific vocabulary to respond to, evaluate, explain, analyse, question and critique their own and other people’s work.

As our school is part of the federation, we have subscribed to the 'Charanga' Primary Music Curriculum. Please see below for more information regarding this exciting resource.

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